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Complex Enterprise Project Management with Outside Vendors


The company was transferring their stock plans from one vendor to another. Subject matter experts were carefully managing their individual areas, yet the company wanted to have someone watching out for the organization’s overall interests, safeguarding the project timeline and proactively identifying risk. 


  • Managed the internal alignment of key areas – legal / policy, technology, communications, payroll and financial reporting.
  • Focused on the proactive identification of risk, and monitoring risk mitigation plans.
  • Worked with outside vendor to identify critical milestones and to manage unforeseen impacts from other parts of the organization.


  • Stock plan was converted on time to meet the company requirements, even though there were unexpected events that occurred within the organization, including a first ever dividend payment and a complex acquisition integration.
  • The team remained focused and aligned on the desired outcome, confident that the risks and obstacles could be overcome.  Because changing the timeline was not an option, the PM led the team to actively recruit additional resources and scrutinize the scope of the project activities.

“DataKey knows how to ask the right questions and keeps their eyes on the road ahead so that we can get the job done. DataKey makes our internal support groups shine in the eyes of the executive team.”

 - Vice President HR



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